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Dorothy Tangren


Liz J.
Michelle B.
Laura V. S.
Jessica H.
What My Clients Say
Thank You Dorothy, I just have to reach out and say, when it comes to Real Estate agents or people, this is the agent to call. So much energy, understanding, humble and get the job done agent. Bravo!!!! Well Done.

— C.B

What My Clients Say
Dorothy is very hands on and supportive! She was very helpful as first time home buyers and always was willing to answer our questions. She is fun, spunky and thoughtful. We will definitely be using her next time around 🙂

— Liz J.

What My Clients Say
Dorothy is very quick to respond. She is extremely helpful and professional. Best of all, she understands people, and was always there to help me. I always felt as if she was working for me, and never for the commission. Excellent service, highly recommended!! When I am ready to buy and sell again, I will only use Dorothy.

— Michelle B.

What My Clients Say
Dorothy is professional, knowledgeable, and helpful.

— Laura V. S.

What My Clients Say
Dorothy is fabulous! She will go above and beyond to make sure you find what it is you are looking for. She is also very honest. She will tell you the not so good things about a place along with the good. If you ask her directly if she would live in the house be prepared for the answer and why. She will work with you from start to finish and be super excited about your new home. She will meet you where y...

— Jessica H.

What My Clients Say
Professionalism and style with a down to earth sensibility. Dorothy is an excellent choice to help you find your dream home, or sell your current house.

— Colin

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